Avanspace General Contractors

We are the turnkey interior design service designed for customers looking for innovative, engaging and sustainable commercial spaces, from large chain stores to hotels and restaurants, to bank and insurance branches, to offices and the tertiary sector.

Avanspace is a project by Bank Design Realization, one of the main general contractors in Europe.

PEOPLE, FIRST. Are you always connected? We do. But behind the screen we remain people. As you. It is this “human” gaze that helps us understand the needs of today’s customers to create experiences that are engaging for them, in a continuous flow between online and offline.

SMART TECH+DESIGN. Our standard or customized interior spaces result from Italian craftsmen traditions jammed with hi-tech makers products and smart solutions. Brand-new materials and fabrics with traditional expertise and creativity. Here’s how we strike innovation.

SOLUTION-FOCUSED & PROJECT-ORIENTED. Embracing problems as opportunities inspire us into research for the best solutions that suit our clients. With a project-oriented organization we keep focused on putting ideas into action.

Avanspace General Contractor


In 2021 Avanspace celebrates 20 years! A fifth of a century dedicated to the creation and preparation of spaces. Beyond constant development and continuous innovation, Avanspace is above all human capital. A strong and constant presence alongside our customers. Today our multi-specialist collaborators, capable of intervening in any space and in any environment, are the values we want to put at your service.


BANK DESIGN & REALIZATION is born, a specialist in the BANKING sector, throughout Europe


We develop the RETAIL sector


The MAINTENANCE sector is born


The HOTELS & RESTAURANTS sector is born


We found the AVANSPACE brand


We develop the ASSURANCE sector


Opening of Avanspace headquarters in Rome and new company organization

Our path, in numbers

La strada percorsa da Avanspace

20: Years of experience

3000: Construction sites completed so far

150: Construction sites completed every year

2500: Maintenance interventions every year

Problems are opportunities. – Fabrizio Penasso, CEO

Our Team

Fabrizio Penasso

Fabrizio Penasso Avanspace


Alessandro Vaiana

Alessandro Vaiana Avanspace


Gianluca Vona

Gianluca Vona Avanspace

Director of the PRODUCTION and MAINTENANCE division

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