Turnkey services with General Contract formula

When it comes to construction, Avanspace has everything covered. We deliver our services as conventional general contractor, who gets the job through negotiation and competitive bidding and cooperate with clients’ architects and supervisors. Alternatively, we can operate through a design & build method, leading the whole project as a single source for all design, engineering and construction activities.

Two distinct contract delivery methods to best suit your needs.  


Concept strategy that enhances environments.

➥ Concept & Design

➥ Feasibility studies

➥ Project and adaptations


Design and construction of commercial spaces, offices and more.

➥ General Contracting

➥ Construction supervision

➥ Design & Planning

Interior design and furnishings

The choice of style that gives voice to the brand.

➥ Commercial furnishings

➥ Furniture production and engineering

➥ Delivery and fitting


H24 technical assistance. We care like you do.

➥ Preventive maintenance

➥ Corrective maintenance

➥ Facility Management

The Sectors in which we operate

Every day we dedicate time and effort to speed up and improve construction site activities, optimizing processes. From the installation of the first ATMs 15 years ago to today, we have developed multiple skills and increased our expertise in four main sectors. While banks and retail interiors remain our core business, the Avanspace team has produced a verifiable portfolio that includes projects for design, construction and furnishings of hospitality facilities, offices and logistics distribution centers.

1- Banks and Insurance

New spaces to keep up with your customers.

Banking and insurance has been our historical core business for over twenty years.

We are specialists in the creation of banking and insurance agencies. 

Technology and banking sector are at the heart of our corporate history. Today we believe that the new digital banking model has become central to full customer satisfaction, therefore we have engaged our team of concept designers in the design of innovative branches and banks, proposing the best customized furniture solutions through a team of experts.


2- Retail

We bring Brands and People together for a multisensory connection.

Our retail portfolio includes store construction and outfitting projects of all kinds of sizes, complexity and locations.

As a specialized general contractor, we have significant experience in the construction of flagship stores and luxury boutiques, shop-in-shops and outlets for retailers in various sectors, from fashion to restaurants and supermarket chains in the food sector, to gyms and wellness centers.

We transform retail interiors into an unmissable destination for those who love shopping, alone or in company. We know the secrets to attract customers and delight them along the shopping experience inside the store. With the arrival of new technologies and a type of smart customer, always connected by smartphone, today the challenge for us is to build stores that combine the best of online and offline shopping experiences.

To reach the community that loves your brand quickly and without worries, the solution is to rely on a specialized figure who, like Avanspace, is able to manage a variety of projects in different places at the same time. Quick openings and profitable investments are even safer if the assignment is entrusted according to the design-build method, more efficient in terms of time and costs.


3- Offices and Tertiary

We build the offices of tomorrow today.

The environments we live in affect us on a psychological level. Thus, when we deal with office design projects, we organize the office space in the most productive way, using light, heights and colors. Our goal is to connect people in reality, not just virtually.

It is not the number of hours spent at the desk that determines the value we can produce. To achieve excellent results you also need to know how to give yourself breaks and moments to regain energy. For this reason, in the realization of projects, we take care of the common areas marked by leisure and sociality.

4- Hotels & Restaurants

Today, customers are not looking for a simple room, but for a universe, a story and an emotion.

This is the reason why hotels and restaurants today are “hybrid”, because they must welcome, relax, make people dream, excite, offer, bring together, share, have fun… all in individual or collective spaces. This is why our approach to the sector is dynamic, and in a smart version.

Talk about your project with one of our experts. We can help you.